Review and Highlights of the 2023 Tradition HKFC 10s

As we countdown to the much-anticipated 2024 Tradition HKFC 10s, we take a moment to review the noteworthy successes and key milestones achieved during the 2023 edition of the tournament. The introduction of the women’s competition in 2023 emerged as a pivotal development that enriched the event’s diversity and amplified its competitive spirit.

Results at a Glance

Men’s Competition:

  • Cup Final: Tradition YCAC 7, Samurai Warriors 0
  • Plate Final: HKFC 26, Ashbury Tropics 0
  • Bowl Final: Taikoo Place Scottish Exiles 22, China Five Stars 5

Women’s Competition:

  • Cup Final: RKS Legal Samurai Warriors 14, Tokyo Sankyu Phoenix 12
  • Plate Final: Ashbury Tropics 20, HKFC Natixis Ice 10

Breaking Down The Action

In the Men’s Cup, Tradition YCAC emerged victorious after a tense struggle, holding Samurai Warriors scoreless with their impenetrable defence. HKFC Natixis Club triumphed over Ashbury Tropics in the Plate final, while Taikoo Place Scottish Exiles captured the Bowl title over China Five Stars. Towering amid these athletic giants was Trent Hape, whose prowess crowned him Men’s Player of the Tournament.

RKS Legal Samurai Warriors and Tokyo Sankyu Phoenix battled it out in the inaugural women’s Cup competition. Skilful plays and unyielding spirit, cemented by England’s Tamara Taylor’s dynamic leadership, led the Warriors to a narrow 14-12 victory. The Plate final came to a close with Ashbury Tropics adding another feather to their cap defeating HKFC Natixis Ice convincingly. Praised for her stellar performance, Nia Toliver was proclaimed the Women’s Player of the Tournament.

More Than Matches: The Impact Off The Field

The 2023 tournament was more than just a clash of skills; it was a bold testament to the evolving landscape of global rugby. The event interwove high-stakes competitive torsion with recognition for the increasingly prominent role of women athletes, showcasing a fresh picture of what modern rugby could be. The tournament also gained applause from key rugby figures such as Tamara Taylor, who lauded its contribution to fostering women’s rugby.

A Look Ahead: The 2024 Tradition HKFC 10s

With just six weeks left to the 2024 edition of the HKFC 10s, the global rugby community resonates with palpable excitement and anticipation. The successful inception of the women’s competition has marked a significant shift, indicating that inclusivity is no longer a sideline aspiration but a central theme.

As we head towards the next tournament, we can’t help but anticipate more thrilling encounters, enhanced diversity, and unforgettable moments that will further redefine this storied competition. After the 2023 tournament, the bar has been set high, promising high-intensity battles and fresh new talents emerging on the rugby landscape.

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