FOUNDED: 2012 HKFC10s: Debut HIGHLIGHTS: Carnival 7s & MK

The FindRugbyNow women’s team was founded 11 years ago in England by Ellaine Gelman, founder of FindRugbyNow (a company dedicated to supporting the amateur rugby community –, in order to provide players with a chance to develop their rugby 7s skills and to progress to elite rugby.

We are proud to say that we have continued our commitment to this goal and now boast elite and academy sides with multiple ex-FindRugbyNow players that have gone on to play for their national teams including Georgia Lingham (England 7s), Megan Gaffney (Scotland 15s & GB7s) and Lauren Delaney (Ireland 15s).

The team plays on the rugby sevens circuit in the UK in the summer and travels to compete at fun and prestigious tournaments like HK10s throughout the year. Past

tournaments have included Dubai 7s, Amsterdam 7s, LIT7s, Kinsale 7s, Bournemouth 7s, Barbados 7s, Grenada Rugby World 7s and many others!

The women’s team has had good success this past 2022 season winning Carnival 7s and MK Ruggerfest, coming in as Runners-Up in Norwich 7s and South Island 7s
and semi-finalists at LIT7s and Worthing 7s. This summer FindRugbyNow will be taking part in the LIT7s Series (!

One thing that makes the team unique is that we pride ourselves on bringing together players from all around the world and our team for HK10s is no different with players coming from 7 different countries – England, France, Australia, Greece, Denmark, the Netherlands and Mexico!