Announcing the Dynamic Line-Up for the 2024 Men’s HKFC 10s

Tradition YCAC

The Hong Kong Football Club is set to welcome an impressive roster of teams for the 2024 Men’s HKFC 10s tournament. This year’s line-up promises a blend of high-calibre rugby, showcasing a mix of returning champions and ambitious newcomers eager to make their mark. Here’s a closer look at the teams aiming for glory.

Tradition YCAC

As 2023’s Cup champions, Tradition YCAC enters the tournament with a proven track record and the expectations of a favourite, looking to continue their winning form.

Shogun RFC (Previously Samurai)

The Shogun RFC, with a rich history at the HKFC 10s, have been formidable opponents in 13 tournaments since 2003. They were last year’s Cup runners-up, and have repeatedly made it to the finals, securing multiple wins and silverware over the years. Their persistence and consistent success label them as strong contenders in this year’s tournament.

HKFC Natixis Club

Defending Men’s Plate champions and hosts, the HKFC Natixis Club, look to leverage their home advantage and aim to add to their trophy cabinet this year.

Taikoo Place Scottish Exiles

2023’s Bowl winners, Taikoo Place Scottish Exiles, join the fray with a bolstered roster ready to prove their mettle. They look to their homegrown talent and seasoned internationals to vie for a higher accolade this year, banking on the momentum from their previous success.

As last year’s Bowl runners-up, the China Five Stars, representing China’s National Team, come equipped with a mix of experienced players and emerging talents. Their performance in the previous tournament showcased their evolving rugby skills and ambitions. This year, they’re set on demonstrating further growth and competing for a higher finish, positioning themselves as a team to watch.


The Ashbury Tropics, established in 2016, has swiftly ascended in the sevens rugby realm, clinching a Winter Sevens bronze medal early on. Last year, they impressed as Plate Runners-up. Making a significant impact in their HKFC 10s debut, the Tropics boast a roster featuring players from 15+ nations, including elite talent capped by rugby powerhouses like England, Wales, and Australia.

Mourant Apache

Apache Rugby Club, founded in 1998, has been a consistent force in the UK sevens circuit. Known for their commitment to team cohesion and loyalty, they’ve secured a respected spot in the Super Sevens Series. As they prepare for their inaugural appearance at the 2024 Tradition HK10s, sponsored by Mourant, Apache is set to bring their unique team spirit and camaraderie to the international stage.

A-Trade Overseas Old Boys

A team with consistent appearances since 2003, the Overseas Old Boys return with a blend of experienced players and promising new talent, setting their sights on a successful campaign.

Pig Athletic Club

Born in 2016, Pig Athletic Club brings together competitive rugby and a vibrant community ethos. The club’s dedication to both the sport and their community values suggests they are aiming to make their mark in the tournament, fostering impact both on and off the pitch.

China Five Stars

Preseli Babas

Celebrating their tenth year, the Preseli Babas are ready to make their debut on the HKFC 10s stage, bringing their success from European 7s tournaments to the tens format.

Papua New Guinea

Featuring notable additions like Will Genia, Papua New Guinea Men bring a blend of experience and national pride to the tournament and are expected to be strong contenders.

Jiangsu Lions

Debutants Jiangsu Lions, champions of China in both the 7s and 15s formats in recent years, join the tournament filled with ambition, looking to translate their domestic success onto the international stage.

As the tournament approaches, each team readies itself for what promises to be an unforgettable showcase of skill, strategy, and sportsmanship. Stay tuned for further coverage and insights as we count down to the kickoff of the 2024 Men’s HKFC 10s.

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