A-tradeOverseas Old boys

FOUNDED: 2004 HKFC10s: 16 (2004-19) HIGHLIGHTS: Plate winners 2016; Plate final 2018

Trade Overseas Old Boys are looking to build on an impressive 2018 campaign when they reached the Plate final, having won the second-tier trophy in 2016 when captained by former New Zealand Sevens star Zar Lawrence.

In 2018, Old Boys defeated a star-studded Classic Wallabies in their first pool match on their way to reaching the top eight. On knockout day, they lost to Penguins in the Cup quarters, but bounced back to edge fifth seeds Pyrenees in the Plate semis before losing to an all-Fijian Samurai side in the final.

The Overseas Old Boys Rugby Football Club (OSOB for short) was established in 2004 by the founding fathers – Rob Wright and Tony Pannell. OSOB developed out of the annual New Year’s Day Youth Rugby Tournament where teams coached by Rob and Tony went unbeaten between the years of 1997 and

OSOB have now participated in every HK 10s tournament since 2004 and pride themselves on promoting and developing Hong Kong rugby with the core of the team being Hong Kong born or raised. Many OSOB members have also actively helped out in coaching and management of New Year’s Day teams and one day, OSOB aim to tour the world and spread the good word.
The OSOB team spirit and culture is one of working hard and doing their best on the pitch, but making sure everyone has a good time off the pitch as well. This year the OSB are sporting some fresh talent, many coming from the USRC Tigers who compete domestically in the SEWIT Premiership in Hong Kong, namely one Jamie Williams from the south west of england represented a high level back home when playing in Wales his tall range figure may be a point of difference in the 10s format.